Taleem Gah envisions to create education a nurturing, confidence building and inspirational experience in the lives of the less privileged children by creating an atmosphere where children are free to indulge in their curiosities all the while expanding their knowledge base. We believe that every child has the potential to be the next Ibn e Sina if guided in the right-direction.

Our Major Causes

We are working tirelessly towards providing basic health care to our students who have been deprived of it. Our team is working towards providing equal opportunities to all our students to ensure their future is not misfortune one. We have identified that many of our students have never been taught the importance of education and its impact on lives and our major focus have been to create awareness on the importance of basic education.

Health Care

Provide basic health care to the less privileged.

Equal Opportunities

Creating and providing equal opportunities to the less privileged.

Importance of Education

Create and spread awareness over the importance of education.


Teach a skill to students.

Spread Awareness

Create and spread awareness over the role of a female in the development of the society.

Our Goals

  • Educate students for future success.
  • Promoting academic excellence and equity for a diverse population of students with in the less privileged children.
  • Grooming of students to incorporate basic civic sense duties and make an upstanding moral citizen.
  • Children in pursuit of knowledge.
  • Create and spread awareness of STEM education.
  • Creating a nation of intellectuals and leaders.
  • Ensure that students become independent and provide income support to their families and ultimately contribute towards the economy of the country.



















Aims & Objectives

  • To help the less privileged for free.
  • To provide services to the less privileged people.
  • To establish and provide all of the facility in all programme/seminar/workshop about health/education to old citizens/children/specially-abled.
  • To set up free Medical Camps to curb the health issues in the less privileged people.
  • Work towards the improvement of health and education standards and the availability of health care and free education services.
  • Development of safe playgrounds/parks/shelter homes.
  • To provide free ambulance service.
  • Provide computer training/vocational trainings/specially-abled children’s training/development skill and financial assistance to the youth.
  • Distribution of Rashan/Clothes/Free Medicine/Free Books (Montessori to Matric course) to needy people.
  • Provide Quranic Teachings.
  • To celebrate National Days/Programme and make well effort for Pakistan.
  • To arrange every proper way to elevate the standard for poor people.


To educate the less privileged children of Pakistan.


Imparting quality education and providing equal opportunities to the less privileged children.

Donate Us

Taleem Gah aims to provide an equal educational opportunities for the students of Pakistan.

3 Ways to make your Donations

Account No.

Bank: Soneri Bank

IBAN # PK09SONE3120006341927

Branck: Shahrah-e-Faisal

Bank: 20006341927


Point of Contact for Canada:

Syed Talha Kazmi

Contact No. +1 647 994 1672


Point of Contact for Pakistan:

Shehnaz Arshad

Contact No. +92 300 240 8958

Previous Events

From time to time, Taleem Gah School hosts and organizes different events to ensure that our students learning never pauses.

12th September, 2018

Orange Day

12th September, 2018

Polio Drive

12th September, 2018

Red Day

12th September, 2018

Safety Program by KE